10 years in Chile !! commemorative video premiere


Today, May 28, we launched the new commemorative video Chile’10

Acknowledgment: to the 8 professionals who participated with outstanding performance in the Safety Landing exercise of the LV/MV maintenance inspection contract for Enel Distribution Chile, which took place on May 13, 2021 in the premises of the artisanal town ‘Los Dominicos’ in Santiago de Chile: José Cruz, Diego Moreno, Manuel Pérez, Hipólito Rodríguez, Rodrigo Pizarro, Luis Opazo, Manuel Iturrieta and Jorge Carinao. On the management side, Marcelo Araya, Iván Quiroz and Daniel Sánchez participated.

On May 30, 2011 Ingenieros Emetres S.A., the subsidiary of the im3 group in Chile, with headquarters in Santiago, was incorporated.

Despite the sustained pandemic situation, we want to take a moment to commemorate this very special moment for im3 in Chile.

im3 Chile was im3’s first subsidiary outside of Spain, and it continues to be the group company with the highest volume of business, after the parent company.

The first two services awarded to im3 in Chile in 2011 were:

  • Advanced basic engineering of the 110 kV electrical interconnection of the 90 MW ‘Valle de los Vientos’ wind farm, owned by Enel Green Power in Calama.
  • Constructive engineering of the desalination plant facilities for the Mantoverde copper mine, which AngloAmerican sold to Mantos Copper in 2015.

And both renewable generation and mining projects continue to be, along with power transmission and distribution companies, our main clients in the country.

We hope that this 10th anniversary year will also be remembered in the future as the year of rebirth of the new ITO and ADO business unit, with the aim of showing that we are one of the leading players in this area.

We want to be differentiated leaders in Chile in the three main business areas in which we are focused:

  • High Voltage and renewable projects design and engineering.
  • Supervision and Inspection of LV/MV projects.
  • ITO and ADO.

Many thanks to the more than 100 professionals at im3 Chile who continue to make our positioning as one of the leading engineering and ITO firms possible day after day !!!