ATLAN, the cure for engineering chaos

Avoid moving the noodle salad from the trench to the IED

Still today, many control and protection wiring jobs in conventional substations result in a real ‘noodle salad’. The digital substation according to IEC 61850 definitively eliminates the problem of ‘noodle salads’ in pipelines.

However, the total code sequence of the Substation Automation System (SAS) for a digital HV/HV or HV/MV substation in SCL code is in the order of 50,000 to 500,000 lines. If the code is not well structured, we can end up with an intractable ‘spaghetti code’, making it impossible to maintain, expand and modernize.

Develop clean agile projects and eliminate chaos with ATLAN (, the universal System Configurator Tool (SCT) for digital substation projects, compatible with all manufacturers and multiple project management methodologies.

Be a brilliant IEC 61850 project leader and avoid ‘disorder virtualization’ with ATLAN for digital substation projects in generation, transmission, distribution, mining, and Oil & Gas environments.

ATLAN, the cure for engineering chaos. Be Smart using IEC 61850!

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