Anniversary of Nikola Tesla (part two)

AC and DC: The “War of the Currents”

Three-phase AC systems with 120-degree phase separation have been established as an international standard. This standardization ensures compatibility and interoperability of electrical equipment across different countries and regions. It simplifies the design, manufacturing, and maintenance processes for various electrical devices and systems.

The “War of the Currents” refers to a historical rivalry and debate in the late 19th century between Thomas Edison who advocated for direct current (DC), and Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse, who championed alternating current (AC) as the preferred technology for transmitting electrical power.

Although the AC power system emerged as the dominant technology for power transmission due to its advantages in the ability to use transformers, and AC power systems became the foundation of modern electrical power distribution, DC technologies succeeded in Consumer Electronics, very-long distance power transmission and, nowadays, in software-defined electrical vehicles.

Today, on his 167th Anniversary, we thank to Nikola and other scientists and engineers for their contributions to the standardization of the 50/60 Hz three-phase AC power systems.

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