Femarec, together with Im3 for sustainability


The Femarec entity are Im3’s collaborators for recycling in our offices in Spain.

Femarec launched a Selective Waste Collection Service in 1993 aimed at companies and carried out by people with intellectual disabilities and/or severe mental disorders.

Thus, this project brought together from the beginning the two fundamental pillars of the strategy to combat exclusion that characterizes Femarec’s work: the socio-labor integration of people in vulnerable situations and the defense of the environment.

Since then, recycling has been one of the core activities of the entity that it approaches from two different perspectives:

·         Selective Collection and Waste Management

·         The Recovery and Repair of Devices and Machines

At Fermarec, to minimize the ecological footprint produced by all their activity and, taking as a guide the objectives set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, they have implemented:

·         Installation of a photovoltaic plant that generates a large part of the electrical energy consumed in the Special Employment Center.

·         Green façade on one of the walls that contributes to offsetting part of the CO2 emissions they produce.

·         All lighting devices and water supply are low consumption.

·         Reused furniture and reuse of rubble remains for the construction of walls.

·         Fleet renewal plan with distinctive ECO vehicles.

We attach the blog post that Femarec prepared for World Recycling Day, and we close this news with the message that they transmit to us:

Let’s be responsible, Let’s act!

Noticia – Día Internacional del reciclaje