Spanish Offshore Wind Forum


On December 10, 2021, the Council of Ministers prepared the Route for the Development of Offshore Wind Power in Spain:

• The Route considers the marine wind farm as a sector with great potential to contribute to the Just Transition.

• Spain has an optimal base to lead the development of floating marine wind power, given its current industrial wind energy capacities, its strategic geographic position, its competitiveness, and its research centers.

• The Route demonstrates a level of ambition sufficient to lead the value chain of the floating marine wind farm and improve the socio-economic activity of the coastal areas in which it will be installed.

• The Route establishes an integrative approach that contemplates the deployment of the renewable installations in the sea in harmony with the fishing activities and promoting their participation during the development of the projects.

The Spanish Offshore Wind Forum coordinates the participation and collaboration of the Manifesto for the Development of the Offshore Wind Power in Spain. The document has been signed by the CEO of Im3, Oscar Mas.

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